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Heavenly Biscuit Co.


Heavenly Biscuit Co.® Wafer Cones are made with no preservatives, no artificial colours
and no artificial flavours. A popular cone with the Kids, Heavenly Biscuit Co. ® Wafer Cones
are sealed in a stay fresh pack and are available in a great original wafer taste.
Range Includes: Cup Cones 30pk & Cornet Cones 30pk


heavenly biscuit co. cones

Heavenly Biscuit Co.® Waffle Cones are made using traditional European baking techniques that makes our product stand out in quality, texture and taste. Heavenly Biscuit Co. ® Waffle Cones are baked with no preservatives, no artificial colours or flavours and have a delicious vanilla taste.
Range Includes: Waffle Cones 12pk


heavenly biscuit co. waffle cones


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