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Nutrico® Optimum Infant formula is nutritionally complete and contains key nutrients that support the growth and development of your baby from birth to 6 months.
Range Includes: Stage 1 Infant formula 0-6 months 900g


Nutrico® Optimum Infant formula

Nutrico® Optimum Follow-On formula is a premium quality formula based on cow’s milk, which is specially formulated to help nourish and sustain your growing baby. This enriched formula will satisfy your baby and meet their changing dietary needs.  Ideal when changing from breast-feeding.
Range Includes: Stage 2 Follow-On formula 6-12 months 900g


Nutrico® Optimum Follow-On formula

Nutrico® Optimum Toddler Formula is a premium quality formula enriched with essential nutrients. Growing toddlers are very active and their developing bodies need nutritious food to support their rapid physical growth and development.
Range Includes: Stage 3 Toddler formula 1-3 years 900g


Nutrico® Optimum Toddler Formula


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