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Jalex® Paper Towels are strong, absorbent and environmentally friendly. Made from 50% bamboo, Jalex® Paper Towels are also tree free and available in 2ply white.
Range Includes: 2ply White 2pk


jalex paper towels

Jalex® Supreme Cloth Wipes are thicker, softer and more absorbent! Made from 100% Viscose, Jalex® Supreme Cloth Wipes are strong, highly absorbent and easily remove dirt. The super thick open weave cloth enables for easy pickup of food and dirt, allowing for a quick rinse and ready to use again and again.
Range Includes: Supreme Wipes 10pk (60cm x 30cm)


jalex supreme cloth wipes

Jalex® Multi Purpose Cloth Wipes are great for cleaning up in the kitchen, bathroom,
laundry and outdoors. Available in multi-coloured varieties, Jalex® Multi Purpose Cloth Wipes
are strong, highly absorbent and remove dirt easily.
Range Includes: Cloth Wipes 10pk/30pk (60cm x 30cm) & Giant Cloth Wipes 5pk (60cm x 60cm).


jalex multi purpose cloth wipes

Jalex® Multi Purpose Sprays are designed to clean and deodorise your home free from mildew, stubborn stains and bacteria. The special powerful formula allows for a quick and convenient clean without the need to rinse. Jalex® Multi Purpose Sprays come with easy grip grooves, on/off trigger nozzle and are available in 750ml and 500ml fresh scented varieties.
Range includes: Bathroom Cleaner & Glass Cleaner 500ml, Antibacterial Cleaner Cleaner Lime 750ml, Oxi Cleaner Orange 750ml


jalex multi purpose sprays

Jalex® Wipe ‘n’ Shine pre-moistened Wipes are specially designed to help keep your home clean, neat and fresh. The resealable snap lock pouch makes for ease of use, is quick and convenient and ensures you find a fresh and moist wipe every time. With Jalex® Wipe ‘n’ Shine Wipes, you can quickly and effectively leave your home cleaner in one easy step.
Range includes: Glass, Antibacterial & Bathroom Wipes 40pk


jalex wipes

Jalex® makes the toughest cleaning jobs easy. Made to be robust and absorbent, Jalex®
Antibacterial Sponges are ideal for use in the kitchen, bathroom, laundry and bench tops.
Manufactured using a biodegradable material, Jalex® helps take care of the home and environment.
Range includes: Thick Sponges 4pk, Household Sponges 3pk & 5pk.


jalex sponges
header jalex_sponge_scourers

Jalex® Sponge Scourers are powerful and robust to make light work of tough cleaning jobs. Ergonomically designed with easy grip hand grooves and nail guards, Jalex® Sponge Scourers are available in Heavy Duty and Non Scratch varieties.
Range includes: Non Scratch 3pk, Heavy Duty Cellulose Sponge 3pk.


jalex sponge_scourers
header jalex_scourers

Designed to be powerful and robust, Jalex® Scourers are ideal for the toughest household
cleaning jobs. The non-scratch abrasive fibres scrub away grease, grime and stubborn stains
without damaging treated surfaces. For more stubborn baked on grime, try the
Jalex® heavy duty scrub scourer and restore surfaces back to new.
Range includes: Non Scratch Scourer Coloured or Gold/Silver 5pk

jalex scourers


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